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Q & A

kero5Q1 .Please tell me in detail how to breath?
Breathing is that you are usually doing every day .It  does not mean there is a Zazen special breathing techniques. Vomiting smoked, it is a repeat of vomited smoked. All you have to do is  carefully carefully done this. Sucking slowly, you endless spitting as thin as possible long.  Try to stare at the breath suck.

Q2.What is enlightenment?
In our real world ,we give meaning or definition and value to the words. However, you may have even if any different opinion to be convincing for the definition and description of the others for the words. The enlightenment to know something, rather than from the words of the book and others, not only find on your own. In due time of year, something in yourself you will see clearly.
Q3.What do you zazen for?
Zazen is sitting.But you can sit and zazen. If just sit, there has Gaken and selfishness. Oneself is there. Zazen is a practice notice to this truth. Zazen is to know the self, it will lead to knowing the truth of this world. And, you can freely control the mind.
Q4.When sitting, you come out just idle thoughts?
In the initial training of zazen, and then single-mindedly focused on breathing. However, those that can not concentrate only on quite breathing, and lost in thought. Mind you are Ika immediately you have to idle thoughts. Take a deep breath If you find yourself idle thoughts, also please be to concentrate on breathing and conscious of the flow of air. This is repeated.