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How to Zazen?

kero3Mental attitude of Zazen

① up straight, let’s firmly sit .
② Let’s open eye and bright.
③ Let’s have the thin length – breathing. Let’s focus on breathing.
④ Let’s grace according to the flow of air that is breathing.
⑤ Let’s take a deep breath and worldly desires and worldly thoughts Once you have come out immediately slowly, then let’s also continue the long thin breathing.
⑥ how to construct hand under his right hand, superimposed in the top left hand, Let’s make the circle of egg-shaped to fit the thumb of both hands.
⑦ Zazen time is not that may be longer, concentration is important. Let’s concentrate on breathing so as not to vaguely.
⑧ When the foot numbness, or reclassified foot, let’s walking.
⑨ You can Zazen at any time anywhere. Let’s continue on a daily basis.